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Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd

Electric Vehicles, Materials Handling Equipment and Accessories

01604 629755
Curtis Instruments (UK) Ltd
5 Upper Priory Street, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 2PT

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GO CLEAN AND GREEN WITH CURTIS And that conversation starts right here with Curtis UK, the Northampton based UK arm of global giant Curtis Instruments Inc., a US owned 250 million dollar company based in New York with more than 1000 employees worldwide. Curtis have been leading the drive towards clean and green transportation since 1960 and are known around the world for their design and manufacture of custom integrated control systems and drivetrains for electric vehicles and off-road machinery.

Our specialist EV charger range includes standard 50hz chargers for large lead-acid traction batteries, high-frequency for rapid and economic charging of lead-acid, AGM, Gel or Lithium-Ion batteries, with options available for free standing and on-board applications for vehicles like floor cleaning machines, golf buggies and mobility scooters. And to keep you warehouse staff safe, our LED visual (and audible) safety warning devices help increase pedestrian awareness of approaching hazards.  Choices include multiple visual options, offering a wide selection of styles from different coloured spots, arrows or danger zone LED lamps, plus a variety of alarms and horns all designed to increase safety by using light or sound as a visual warning device.  Our selection of coloured lamps, work perfectly with common warehouse equipment like order pickers, reach trucks, narrow aisle or flexi trucks.

Though we’re global in scale, we pride ourselves in our local approach to customer support.  Our value added services include advanced customer technical support engineering, vehicle drive and control panel assembly, product testing, repair and failure analysis. You may not have heard of us yet, but you can be sure we are a great supportive partner, and somewhere, somehow Curtis is always keeping the world on the move.                   

In reality, you’ve probably never knowingly come into contact with us unless you’re in the electric vehicle or materials handling industry - but it’s almost certain you’ve ridden in or worked with something that’s controlled or charged by us!

And last year was a time of celebrations for us.  In the business hub of Northampton since 1974, our large purpose built facility in the town centre is where we design advanced control system technology for electric vehicles and off-road equipment of all types.  In a landscape of uncertainty, we’ve been delighted to announce the expansion of our 20 million pound operation in the UK.  Curtis already operates four best-in-class engineering centres in New York, California, Switzerland and China and are now expanding our UK operations by opening a new dedicated UK Engineering R & D Centre in the North East of England.  Having publicised our expansion plans and anniversary celebrations, we were delighted to welcome two prominent local MPs to our premises for a business meeting and tour of the facilities.  It’s fair to say that both Michael Ellis and Andrew Lewer enjoyed their time with us, learning about our operations and plans for continued long term success and growth in a vital and growing industry.  And to further underline our year of celebrations, we held our 45th Anniversary Staff Party at Sywell Aerodrome and toasted our longevity with a fantastic appropriately designed cake  washed down with a few glasses of bubbly.  If you’re interested in learning more about our drivetrain or vehicle control systems, let us know.  Our battery charger and EV safety lighting range are always in stock and ready for same day delivery.  We’re always delighted to work with partners and suppliers in the local area.  Give us a call on 01604 885201 or email us on alternatively visit and learn more before you call.

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