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Loft Access Ladders
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Ramsay & Sons
61 West High Street, Forfar, Angus, DD8 1BG

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The Ramsay Loft Ladder tailored to fit your loft SPACE. The Ramsay Loft Ladder no other loft ladder is quite like it. When you need more space, would the thought of moving home make you go through the roof? Well, don’t worry, because by going through a hatch in the ceiling you will discover that the precious room you lack below is freely available above.

Attic space can account for between 25% and 33% of the total space in your home.

The only problem is: How do you utilise that extra space without continually clambering up an ordinary ladder or balancing precariously on top of some steps? The solution is simple. Simple to install, simple to operate. Simply, a Ramsay Loft Ladder!

Ramsay Aluminium Loft Ladders are expertly designed and crafted without any interfering weights or wires. Consequently, they are as easy to use as an ordinary stairway.

Apart from providing ease of access to that extra room at the top, Ramsay Loft Ladders “foldaway” quality ensures that they will not occupy valuable space below. When not used, the ladders fold away just as easily as they unfold, leaving the outline of the hatch as the only clue to your extra room.

Installing the Ramsay Loft Ladder allows you to extend your home without extending your mortgage and, by adding that extra room, you will automatically move further up the house-buying ladder.

Ramsay Aluminium Loft Ladders, simply the safest and best way to pull another room out of the hatch - without watching your costs spiral.

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