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Property Maintenance Services, Roof Drainage Systems
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RWP Clearflow
Unit 1, Rotherham Close, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 2JW

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RwpClearflow, national industrial and commercial rooftop rainwater drainage specialists resolving all rooftop rainwater ingress issues As rainwater intensities increase it is vital that your rainwater drainage system is correctly designed with the capacity to protect your building and contents.

Clearflow products Ltd has been has been a leading force within the industrial and commercial rooftop drainage since 2007, specialising in new build design supply and installation of Siphonic rainwater drainage systems, with its new build division to all major UK construction Main Contractors and Roofing companies.

Due to ageing systems and ever-changing rainfall patterns, a new maintenance division SMART RAINWATER has been created to cover the shortfall in experience and understanding of existing rooftop rainwater disposal systems, whilst giving clients the confidence of working with a Knowledgeable, Competent and Trustworthy company.

Failing and poorly maintained roof top rainwater drainage systems, and lack of understanding of drainage requirements, costs industry in damaged products, lost production and sales millions of pounds each year.

As specialists in rainwater drainage and disposal, SMART Rainwater offers rooftop drainage solutions across industrial and commercial buildings. Using our in-house expertise, we’ll find the root cause of your rainwater ingress problem and protect your building from even the heaviest of rainfall.

We have a specific focus on rooftop rainwater disposal systems, as they are key to maintaining the integrity of a building in times of heavy rainfall. We have the products, skill set and experience to rectify any ingress challenge.

Along with our direct supply to building owners and tenants, Smart rainwater are looking to broaden its supply chain with maintenance roofing contractors & facilities management who want to offer their own clients the confidence that the existing rainwater disposal system is suitable in its design, components parts and drainage capability to manage the rainwater flow requirements of modern-day rainfall patterns.

Too often are roof top rainwater drainage systems reduced in capacity by removal of parts, non-replacement of damaged components, corrosion of outlets, compromised flows by liners and inserts, additional roof areas added, existing capacity not designed for modern day rainfall events, low levels of maintenance and many other related works.

Drips & trickles can often be attributed to roof and gutter leaks, major ingress is more often associated with one of the above. 

When it comes to developing a rainwater drainage strategy, there’s a lot more to it than arriving at a building and installing outlets and piping. There’s in-depth technical elements that need to be carried out by specialists who understand how to calculate design specifications, use the latest analytical design and modelling software to comply with British Standards.

At SMART Rainwater, we have the technical knowledge to be able to develop and implement advanced rainwater drainage solutions across multiple sites and sectors.

For initial discussions, site visits, inspections and reports our team will assist and advise whilst moving forward with the knowledge that all ingress issues can be resolved by our expert team.

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