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Shipton Bellinger
Total Productivity Solutions
Southernwood , Shipton Bellinger , Hampshire , SP9 7UN

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We provide business advice and technical solutions; to identify and solve process problems and to create new market opportunities that will drive a business forward. With over 25 years in industry, delivering results for small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s), we have the passion and expertise to help business owners where they need it most. Our strength is being able to transfer best practice between business sectors. Highly competitive manufacturing and service organisations need efficient processes and effective people to be profitable.

What makes us different?

We create bespoke productivity solutions for manufacturing and logistics businesses that provide competitive edge

Extensive Expertise

Our extensive manufacturing and design expertise along with the ability to quickly scale to any project size, means that we provide a commercial advantage from the start.  

Effective Solutions

Our strength is being able to design highly effective producivity solutions, re-engineer processes and bring a diverse range of expertise together to address specific business needs. 

25 years experience

We have over 25 years’ experience of manufacturing engineering and delivering organisational improvement, through process design and re-engineering  projects.

Our mission is to “help organisations be more profitable and deliver high quality products and service competitively“.

We are business architects that add value by developing solutions and optimising manufacturing processes,  so our clients can be more competitive and take advantage of market opportunities.

Total Productivity Solutions operates as a lean enterprise, this allows us to pass savings on to our clients.

Transferring best practice between business sectors helps us to ensure that our clients get the competitive edge they need to succeed in difficult economic times. Our heritage in emerging international markets, where speed and effective delivery is critical to market penetration, helps us add real value to our UK clients.

We include lean manufacturing consultancy, engineering solutions and training programs as a package to meet our client’s needs.

Membership of the UK Business Advisors network allows us to quickly scale to any project size and ensures that you get the benefit of a highly experienced team, at a fraction of the cost of a big consultancy. Lean Enterprise is at the heart of how we operate and how we add value to our clients.

Partnering with certified training providers like IPSO-Facto and leading machinery providers, enables us to make an impact from day one.

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