Home efficiency improvements for Doncaster residents

Millions of pounds of home improvements are being offered to residents across the Doncaster borough.

Doncaster Council is undertaking a number of initiatives to help local people make their homes more energy efficient, save them money and at the same time supports the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency and new Environment Strategy.

The council has secured nearly £1.2m of Government funding to provide much needed energy efficiency measures such as wall, loft or floor insulation for people living in old inefficient homes in low income communities.

On top of this, the council is applying for a further £2m of Green Homes Grant funding from Government. This will help approximately 300 Doncaster households. They will benefit from a range of measures to increase their comfort, reduce their energy bills and enhance their health and wellbeing.

As well as support for the private sector, the council is continuing to invest in improving its council homes.

A five-year thermal improvement programme has started in its council homes. This will see the remaining 1,800 uninsulated council homes receive high performing wall and loft insulation together with new roofs.

Alongside this work, Doncaster Council has plans for £2.6m of investment across the council housing stock to reduce energy consumption and increase the level of on-site solar generated electricity. This is subject to Full Council approval on 1 March.

Ros Jones, mayor of Doncaster, said: “We are determined to raise property standards across the Doncaster borough so our residents can live in comfortable surroundings and not have to worry about fuel poverty. All of our residents deserve to live in good quality homes and we are doing all we can to make this a reality.

“Retrofitting these older homes with various efficiency measures will make a significant improvement to people’s lives. It will support many of our most vulnerable families during these most challenging of time. With energy prices set to continually rise, we are determined to do all we can to help people keep warm.

“We have set out plans to tackle the Climate Change agenda and these improvements to homes will make them better insulated, use less energy to keep warm, helps reduce carbon emissions and has important environmental benefits.”