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Pyrotect Ltd

Fire Protection Appliances and Systems
01530 416870
Pyrotect Ltd
Unit F1, Tom Bill Way, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 2UY

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Pyrotect are based in Leicestershire; our aim is to protect persons and property by the installation of cost-effective, accredited passive fire protection systems. Effective fire protection, in both the building structure and compartments, plays a critical role in containing a fire at its source. Pyrotect have extensive practical experience of installing all types of fire protection materials and have gained an unrivalled reputation for quality and service.

Our rise to becoming probably the market leader has come from investment in our people and in their training, ultimately leading us to gain the accreditations that allow us to prove our capability.

Unlike many of our competitors, a large proportion of our employees are directly employed and we ensure that they are trained to the exacting standards required. Any subcontract labour used must carry the same credentials and certification as our directly employed labour.

Our Live-Digital-Complete Firestopping software package gives you a complete digital live view of all firestopping work as it actually happens, supporting the commercial, operation and administration requirements of the work.

Pyrotect service a range of sectors and have worked on many prestigious projects for a wide and varied client base. With over 20 years of accredited passive fire protection experience, we are well equipped and ideally located to offer our services nationwide.

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