Booming construction sector is catching up with us at last!

Bristol builders defied gloomy national forecasts to finish 2016 and on a high – and now it seems the UK construction industry is reflecting local success.

That’s according to Helm Head of Finance Adam Marks – who said the national outlook was finally registering an upswing in 2017.

“Despite a sharp rise in the cost of materials due to fluctuations in the exchange rate – we are expecting to go on recruiting and growing into the New Year.

“We are seeing an increase in both residential and commercial projects across the Greater Bristol area – despite gloomy national predictions that the sector was grinding to a halt.

“It’s good to see the confidence we are experiencing locally being reflected by the industry as a whole.”

The UK's construction sector expanded at the fastest pace in nine months in December, according to the key Markit/CIPS purchasing managers' index (PMI), which rose to 54.2.

“As we look towards the Spring people who have been planning a new home built or adding an extension to their existing property will be looking to book the work – although they will have to factor in the rise in materials costs.”

A large proportion of the materials used in construction are imported so fluctuations in the exchange rates between Sterling and the Euro and Dollar are having a significant impact on build costs.

“Homeowners are once again exploring the viability of building a new home on spare garden, garage or parking space plots – helped by particularly favourable borrowing costs.

“Early evidence suggests we are looking at a rise in sales of some 60 per cent in 2017/18 and we will therefore need to continue recruiting strongly throughout 2017 simply to keep pace.”


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